Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take a closer look at us with our New Makeover!

Over the past few months we’ve been busy bees, stirring and shaking the streets of Perth with our Moving Boards and talking up brands all over town.

Ava has Captivated our customers’ customers with our Captiv8ed Customer Training Program.... that’s with an ‘8’ for Captiv8ed!

Ghita is still rattling the cages when it comes to functions and events, and Greg is excited to be heading up our very own collection of hand-picked Promotional Products!

Oh, and please give a warm welcome to David who is looking after our brilliant Brand Ambassadors and who is right now in the social network jungles, most likely twittering at activ8media or updating our facebook fan page!

With the recent reinvention from Alps Promotions to Activ8 Media and Promotions, and with all this excitement, we just had to go and revisit our website.

So we commissioned Lov-Rich, a design group, to review our brand, develop the logo and website, and after lengthy discussions with Natasha Lovrich we agreed on a direction.

So here we are with a new makeover, our very own social community and a team of professional staff to help you get something started!

Now, take a closer look at us with our new makeover! www.activ8media.com.au